I’m melting, I’m melting…

Well, I’m not the Wicked Witch of the West (I think not, anyway), but like everyone else in this summer from hell, I feel like I’m melting. Can’t keep the temp in here below 85 in the evening–the a.c. can’t keep up. So I’ve started having my main meal at midday instead of in the evening, when I really don’t want to eat (maybe I’ll lose some weight–it worked last summer when I was working for the census).

Just finished reading Ivan Doig’s latest novel, Work Song. He craftily used a very educated first-person protagonist to paint vivid pictures of place and characters–poetic, in fact. A joy to read, as usual with Doig’s work. I need to read his memoir.

Speaking of the Wicked Witch of the West, I recently read “Wicked,” and will have to rent the movie to see how in the world a musical was made from that book–I’m sure that the whole subversive struggle against Oz was left out or trivialized or romanticized.

The garden is actually surviving. I picked a large yellow squash a couple of days ago, and the winter squash seedlings are still hanging in there. Zinnias are blooming like mad–nice to have a bouquet in the house. Even have a few tomatoes which set in this heat! Need to give everything a dose of fish emulsion tomorrow morning. The poor eggplants are looking like real plants rather than refugees from the basement, and I’ve gotten a few fruits. It’ll be tattatooey, as they say in New Orleans, this week for sure.

I’ve been busy with the business the last couple of weeks, and have another busy week coming up, and I hope a very busy month–need to get this business on an even keel with some income coming in on a more-or-less regular basis. And in the process earn a trip to Vancouver next spring. Nice to have the company pay for my vacation!

Okay–that’s it for now. I’ll try to be a little more consistent with this thing–but then again, it’s my blog, isn’t it?

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Small pleasures

I left my pillow in Arkansas (horrors!), and made do with one of my “guest” pillows for the 6 days till the P.O. delivered. Had a wonderful night’s sleep on my pillow-topped mattress and my soft feather pillow (albeit with a really weird dream that I can still remember and which makes me want to find a good New Mexico road map) Monday and since.

This morning I walked earlier than I have been lately, and really enjoyed the cool breeze before the sun started heating everything up.

Then there’s taking off my shoes and wriggling my toes, even if it’s just sandals I’m shedding. And enjoying the sight of the bouquet of zinnias from the garden on my table, and taking a nap on the couch after lunch.

Which raises the question: is it the sum of all the small pleasures in our lives that make for happiness (or contentment)? Or does that kick in only when that sum is larger than the weight of our worries? And how close to that tipping point are we?

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Cogitations on political symbolism

After wondering for some time about the now-universal  designation Republican-leaning states as red and Democratic as blue, I found out via Wikipedia that it’s a usage that’s been around since the early 20th century, although not consistently. I was also thinking about the meaning of the colors vis-a-vis the American flag (anyone remember learning this in grade school?), and discovered that the colors have always had the same meanings as these quoted in the 1790’s for the Great Seal of the United States:

“The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.”

Kinda like that blue business….

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Whew! Two

Went to the dermatologist this afternoon: no skin cancer, basal cell or melanoma, anywhere. “Come back in two years for another check”, froze the spots that I was worried about, and sent me on my way. So the two spots are now twice as big and even uglier than before, but in a week or two they’ll be gone, gone, gone. Don’t itch any more, either (at least not right now).

So now all I have to worry about is someone stealing my veggies from the garden and sabotaging the quick connects–not much I can do about either, except replace the missing connections and hope they stay. Pellet gun, anyone?

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Happy July 6!

It was a hot but fun weekend in Arkansas with my sister and her family. Sold some books, enjoyed all the green scenery, and bored myself silly driving 1169 miles round trip. Hit very heavy rain (even the big boys slowed down) around Marshall and took a wrong turn in the rain, so the trip back was longer than that going, but I’m home safe and sound, if tired. Of course, it’s hotter here than there, and will be for the rest of the summer. I still plan to submit my sister’s house to Country Living–interesting construction and a gorgeous light-filled layout. Now if she can just get rid of the chiggers in the yard….

There were still a few Queen Anne’s lace blossoms north of Little Rock–I always miss their peak, but I really like them. There were also a few small white composites in sprays, and I think I saw one Cherokee rose in bloom. Otherwise, it was lots and lots of tall green trees, both pines and hardwoods (and some juniper). The roads are up and down and twisty, and riding with my brother-in-law can induce motion sickness in anyone, racing around the Ozarks the way he does.  Even my niece’s husband remarked on George’s driving….

Lots to do the next couple of months–trying to promote to supervisor, earn a trip to Vancouver next spring, and qualify for President’s Club with Usborne Books and More. Anyone interested and starting her/his own home-based business? No minimums, lots of wonderful support, and unlimited possibilities. Let me know…

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It’s been a week of scares and saves. On Sunday I spilled coffee on my laptop, and the cursor froze up. I managed to scare up an optical mouse from a friend, which got the cursor moving again. On Monday I woke up with light flashes in my periferal vision which persisted through Tuesday morning. Had a thorough exam by an ophthalmologist this afternoon: no retinal tears or indication of imminent tears. Come back in 8 weeks for another dilation exam. Now I just have to get through a visit to the dermatologist next week about a suspicious bump on my arm (lucky third, unlucky third?).

I’m off to north central Arkansas this weekend. Two booths will let me deduct the mileage on my taxes next year, and I’ll be able to visit with my sister and her family for the first time since our brother’s funeral in November. I’m really looking forward to it, if not the 10 hr+ drive each way. I’m taking a new route, so that should be interesting….

Just finished my celebratory chocolate shake, and I think I’ll take a short nap. Then it’s back to work–lots of calls to make to set up business for July and August. I hope everyone has a great, fire-free, as-cool-as-possible July 4th weekend. Eat some watermelon for med!

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This ‘n that…

The only great news here is that I’ve gotten a new recruit for my home-based business, the first of seven I need to earn a wonderful trip to Vancouver and Victoria BC next spring. Of course, I need to have a bunch of sales, too, but that’s doable.

It’s been a little less scorching, but the forecast for this week is 100 or more every day–with August weather in June, what’s the rest of the summer going to be like!?

Going to Arkansas for the Fourth weekend–haven’t seen my sister, brother-in-law, and niece since our brother’s funeral in November, so I’m looking forward to some fun time with all of them. It’s a long drive, but at 55 mpg (hee, hee!), it shouldn’t be too bad. And it should be a little cooler up there in the foothills of the Ozarks.

Bought some maca powder, and I’m interested to see if it really does boost my energy (I’ll try it out today, and see how it effects my housecleaning!). Maca is a turnip-like root from the Peruvian highlands, and is supposed to boost energy. It’s also an adaptogen, which means it works on whatever ails you. No caffeine, so it shouldn’t do a number on my blood pressure and a.fib., but we’ll see….

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Delicious rain-cooled air this morning, and even a few puddles on the street. Of course, we all hope we’ll get more (mid-Austin got over 2 inches, but I don’t think we got that much here). For the first time in several weeks I heard a mockingbird around sunrise. Saw young mockers and shrikes on my walk–they’re still a little awkward and not really sure about humans. Amusing…

Forgot to mention frog fruit in the list of wild flowers still blooming. It must be the common name that makes me like this little member of the verbena family, since it’s not the most beautiful of our wild flowers, and I always grin when I see it. It’s really been blooming this month along my morning walk route. I expect to see lots more coreopsis and other late spring/early summer blossoms after this rain–our natives take advantage of every opportunity to propagate. I’m looking forward to rain lilies and ceniso, also.

Well, it’s back to work, even though I’d rather go back to bed and enjoy a (hopefully) rainy morning snoozing. Oh, well….

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Rain in the forecast? Really?

Woke up utterly exhausted this morning, but dragged myself out to walk anyway. The Mexican hats are short but blooming, as are the Texas and purple bindweeds, and of course the common sunflowers–no heat or drought is too much for them.

The current weather forecast includes a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow night. So some of us may get some rain! We hope, anyway.

Still really tired, but I’ve got places to go and people to see this evening, and then a web chat. A History of God will help me get to sleep, I’m sure. I’ll get to the library for lighter reading tomorrow.

Tiredness has my mind a little foggy, so no deep thoughts or comments today–maybe another day.

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Hello world!

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